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Get To Know Us

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Who We Are

Kelly Lab is family owned and operated! We take pride in providing top notch DNA testing services to those in need! Our staff is highly educated with years of experience in the DNA testing industry.

We provide DNA testing services through our partnership with an AABB accredited laboratory. Our testing process is fast, accurate and reliable! 

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 Drug Testing Education 

Kelly Lab is #1 in drug testing education and training services! Whether you want to become a certified DOT collection specialist or learn how to administer a hair follicle drug test, we have the education and tools to help you!

We offer user friendly online training classes for all of our programs. We even offer ebooks and other reading materials to help you learn more about the drug testing industry!

If you are looking to start your own drug testing business or just want your certification to get a rewarding job at a local clinic, we can help!